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A functional replica of an ethnological bow in the collections of the University of Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia. The original measures 44 inches long, and 1 and a half inches at the widest part near the handle, tapering to half inch nocks. The original was painted black over the entire back of the bow, with some bars and chevron patterns on the belly side. This replica follows all measurements, and was painted to match in natural pigment paints, and was made in Serviceberry stave and tested as a functionally shooting bow. After test shots, the bow tested at 48 pounds of pull at 22 inches of draw.  It shows about 2 inches of permanent bend/set, as shown in photos above. The bow is very short compared to modern sport archery bows, and therefore was only tested to 22 inches of draw.  This length of bow would be suited for the shorter "snap" draw to the chest, or higher up the body but NOT to the chin and held in the method of modern longbows.  Any drawing past our tested 22 inches could result in failure of the bow, or permanent bend from drawing past design limits.

Apache Bow Replica

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