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This set of casts are of a Frog Effigy set of finger loops from an ancient atlatl spear thrower.  It was made of Spondylus shell, and dates to the the Colima/Jalisco Cultural Horizon of the Shaft Tomb Complex(300 B.C. to around 400 A.D.) in what is now Colima, Mexico.  Before recent times, these types of shell half circles were once thought to be shell ear rings.  These are now being correctly identified as the finger loops on Atlatl spear throwers, after several finds "in-situ" including the examples with shell loops still attached in the British Museum.  These were from the Aztec Empire and were sent back to Europe by Cortes to show Meso-American culture.  This example has the same drilled holes for attachment, and is believed to be the finest example known of this type of artifact.  It contains inlaid eyes which are also of orange Spondylus shell.  The original has some red colored material next to the drilled haftings, possible used in attachment to the atlatl.  Pictures show original first, than original next to cast, and also a close up of the drilled holes.  Formerly in the collections of Ken Bauer, Jack Bond, and John Baugh.  This piece has now been purchased by Occpaleo after being authenticated by Kent Bond Galleries of Florida, as one of the greatest examples of atlatl art in the world.

Atlatl Shell Finger Loops Cast

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