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This model was made in a natural elbow branch of an Australian Mulga wood, and measures 24 inches across.  It was based on an Australian example in the Smithsonian Museum collections, that was collected in early 1900's.   Our test of this replica culminated in a throw of 100yards of straight flight, with control over veering far to left or right. (see video above).  It showed very straight flight for most throws during the first 40 to 50 yards of flight, and in many cases with low wind would stay that course the length of soccer field.  This piece was tested in grass fields and has very minor scuffs and grass marks, but has no cracks or dings, allowing us to present here as an undamaged functional replica in new condition for a TESTED throwstick.  Unlike the closely related returning boomerang, this model would be thrown level to the ground(at 3:00 position) and would go straight, with steady climb toward a target downfield.  At 2 feet long and made with very heavy and dense wood, this stick would be considered very dangerous and should only be thrown when no living thing is down range.

Australian Throwstick Kylie/Non-Returning Boomerang/Kylie

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