This large 25.5 inch hunting weapon was purchased from a private collection for our study of natural elbow non-returning boomerangs(throw sticks) made in Australia by aboriginal cultures.   It has a maximum width of just over 2 and 1/4 inches at the middle.   It was made by craftsmen who still knew how to collect the traditional Mulga wood branches, and you can see the natural "elbow" grain of the wood collected in the ancient ancestral methods.     We acquired this piece to study the airfoil contours for our own replicas, and it remains in functional shape.   It has a small wood flaw on one wind that is natural, and not due to usewear.   It has no cracks or major impact damage.   s on  and a scratch,  but no cracks.     This piece was found to be carved by traditional methods on the top surface, and had the proper skew, dihedral, and lenticular shape of ethnographic pieces that it was compared to at Smithsonian Museum.   It is a beautiful example of a properly angled Mulga wood bend, and now serves for reference of a piece made before the age of modern materials.

Australian Hunting/Throwing Stick

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