This 20 inch replica was made in the same Australian Mulga wood as the original that it was inspired by, in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution.  Most of the Australian sticks we were able to examine were straight flying  non returners, but there were a few smaller examples that seemed to indeed be returning boomerangs.  These could originallly be used for bird hunting, and possibly to steer birds in flight by appearing to be a bird of prey with flapping wings, and used in tandem with heavier sticks.   This particular replica is thrown more like a modern sport boomerang:  perpendicular to the ground (Between 12:00 and 2:00 angle), and can return enough to come back and land in front of the thrower, and possibly catch if thrown slightly to the right of light incoming wind.   This functional model was not cut from a board, but from an "elbow" of a tree limb in the same manner as the aboriginals would use to construct. .   It was a pleasure to throw and test, and was a great start for us using this absolutely beautiful wood.

Australian Returning Boomerang Replica

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