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A new scientific illustration by artist Michael R. Frank, originally done with graphite pencil on archival paper after personal examination of the original artifact. This is a series of art prints made from that drawing, ready for framing in 8" X 10" in high quality archival matte art paper. A limited series of 20 prints, which are hand signed by artist in 2023.  


The original artifact illustrated here is the largest Clovis point of the famous Drake Cache, which is a collection of 13 flint stone tools found in the Colorado Piedmont in 1978, by artifact hunter Orville Drake.  Tools from the Clovis archaeological complex date to 12 to 13,000 years ago. This spectacular example was made in red Alibates material, and exhibits the finest knapping skill.  The originals are now in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, and currently on display in the "Objects of Wonder" Hall. (See Photo above) Six of these artifacts were molded and cast by Occpaleo in 2014, in preparation for this display. In 2023, the original sketch outline was finished and flake scars filled in to achieve a proper illustration for scientific study, as well as art for the lab wall or home collection.  

Lithic Illustration Art Print/ Drake Clovis Point

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