This bow was made after examination of an Iroquois bow in the Smithsonian collections.   The original was made in hickory and measured 62.5 inches long.  Our replica here is also made in a hand split stave of hickory, which shows the flow of the tree under the bark.   Made in the traditional manner,  the back(outside of the bow) flows around knots is the same way the original museum piece did.    The fun part of this project was how the stave matched the original, with a knot near the same place in the handle.   It took several years to get the right stave to match.   Extra wood was left around the knot for safety in the same way, and only shows on the belly of the bow, and totally covered with new wood on back to make safe(see photos)  It was then reduced to the dimensions of the original in width and thickness(1 and 3/8ths at widest midlimb), leading to a shootable bow pulling 45 lbs at 27 inches of draw.   It is tillered in the "D" bow style, bending throughout the length, but only very slightly near the handle.   This is very different than the thick grip and risers of modern bows.    Traditional bows are shot over the hand, and it does not have a modern shelf.  This is not a production model,  as replicas here are made one at at time to the unique specifications of the project.   It is finished with linseed oil rub in and comes with new string so that it can be taken out and shot.    

Functional Replica of Iroquois Bow


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