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This model is a modern sport functional atlatl dart thrower, based on the archaeology of Ice Age European artifacts.  The original carving that inspired the spur was found in France, in the Monastruc Rock Shelter near modern Bruniquel in the Pyrenees range.  It was made over 12,000 years ago in reindeer antler, and depicts a mammoth.   A special detail of this story was that it seems the spur was repaired back in prehistory, and these repairs can now be seen by modern X-Ray scanning photography.   The original is currently in the British Museum, and measures 12.4 cm long and 6cm wide.  We have made our replica here in a strong faux ivory(epoxy) so that it can be thrown today in modern sport, as well as a display model of archaeological designs from Ice Age Europe.   It is fit to a wood sapling to measure a total of 21 inches long.

Ice Age Atlatl Model

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