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A functional replica based on the archaeological throwing stick fragment excavated at Kenton Cave, Oklahoma.  (Experimental stick OP-21-27)This is an experimental throwstick here, that has been used to test flight characteristics for several years, and hundreds of throws.  It is being offered as USED and has all the dings and wear of a well tested stick.  It has some checking in the middle of the lead limb, and has continued to throw through that for years. The fragment in the Woolaroc Museum dates to around 1 to 3,000 years ago, and looks to be about half the length of its original full weapon size.  It shows 3 carved gooves along the face, and the end was wrapped with Yucca fibers, painted over with black pigment.  If this piece was compared to other archaeological pieces from the same time period and region, it would lead to a throwing stick about 25 inches long, with the grooves on the upper face, and this logic was followed here.  We used the average curve angle of other known Southwest throwing sticks, and made in Black Locust wood.  The slight curve and blunt lens airfoil is for throwing sticks that are not meant to return like boomerangs.   It was assumed that this was a small game hunting stick for animals like rabbits, or birds.   Our example resulted in a stick with excellent lift that allowed sustained flight over 75 yards.  Attempts to bring down this lift to level flight were not successful, and this model continued to throw about 50 yards straight and then upward at the end of flight.  Depending on wind and throw speed, this stick continually went 50 yards straight and then lost track and up at near that point.  Any further attemps to alter wood was thought to stray from dimensions too much, and this stick is now RETIRED as a teaching example.  It is still throwable, with all checking sealed and functional, but not suitable for rabbitstick hunting use anymore. This authentic materials piece is meant for display or field testing in open fields.   Throwing space should be clear of all people within 100 yards to maintain safe area.

Kenton Cave Throwing Stick Replica/Used/Clearance

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