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This new CAST of the original artifact, from Pike County, Ohio, several miles away from the Serpent Mound, Fort Hill, and Fort Ancient sites. This is top grade example of an ear spool, worn by people of the Southeast Ceremonial Complex of the Mississippian Culture, which had a sphere of influence throughout the Midwest and Southeast. The SECC followed the Hopewell Culture in the same regions, around the time of the arrival of corn and the bow and arrow in different local regions.  A general time for Mississippian Culture in this region would be roughly 1,000 CE to the time of European contact in some areas.  This wonderful example was made in a hard stone, likely granite, and was crafted into the shape of a hatched cross within a circle, which possibily represents the "sun circle" or the cardinal directions.  The cross within a circle is a common motif in Mississippian art in the SECC.  This cast was made directly from the original artifact, measuring 1 and 3/8th inches, by 3/8th inches thick.  It is a full level scientific casting, showing all the microscopic details of the cross hatching and surface texture, and also serves as an art example of the SECC time period. The last photo above shows painting based on archaeological Mississipian copper plate art, of warrior with a similar ear spool.  (cast copyright Occpaleo 2023)(COA Jackson Galleries2017)(COA T&T Archaeological Consulting LLC RIC 495619/2018)

Mississippian Ear Spool CAST/Fort Ancient Culture

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