This one of a kind, unique custom atlatl was part of the "Adopt A Cove" clean up project, when our business sponsored a litter clean up of the Occoquan Reservoir in northern Virginia.   Plastic bottles were picked up for recycling, while choice driftwood pieces were collected for art projects.   A solid piece of Oak was found to be perfect for a hybrid of Eskimo and other American atlatl design elements.   The handle was shaped from a tracing of a Nunivak Eskimo example in Smithsonian Museum collections, and the antler tip spur is a modern design from our sport models today(for longer more flexible darts).    The driftwood was epoxy resin stabilized for functional strength,  and measures 20.5 inches, making it strong and durable, and a better fit to modern darts.  Ironically, this piece made in driftwood is actually more accurate to Eskimo/Inuit throwers, often made in soft driftwood around Nunivak land.

Inuit Style Atlatl/Modern Sport

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