This new bow is a functional replica of a Seneca tribe bow currently in the collections of the Museum of Natural History in New York.   This bow follows the dimensions and materials of the original, at 50 inches long and 1 inch wide for most of the length, tapering down to half inch nocks.  The original nocks were offset(see pics) so that the string lined up along center at handle.   We used a natural tree split stave, with just under the bark back showing, proudly showing that it is not a violated board stave or backed with any modern factory methods.   It was a pleasant surprise to find that by following the dimenstions and materials of the original,  the process resulted in a bow that pulled 41 lbs at 27 inches of draw.   Testing draw length was only 26 inches, and this bow should only be used for shooters with draw length at 26 or less, as it was not tested past that length.  Shagbark hickory is almost unbreakable, but it could result in more permanant bend if pulled to longer draw lengths.

Seneca Bow Functional Replica


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