In 2011, Dr. Errett Callahan created a teaching collection for Occpaleo to show the reduction stages of stone tools shown in the US archaeological record.  More than 50 years of work in this field have made Dr. Callahan a leading expert in the field of Lithic Technology, and one of the world's best flintknappers.  This set was knapped by hand in a beautiful black Dacite, and then sent to Occpaleo for molding and casting.  


The set of 4 biface casts shows a method of reduction that is most seen in a study of stone tool reduction archaeology sites.  By using real stone examples(or casts), the Lithics student can better understand the shapes and convexities that lead to successfully thinning out a biface.  


The set comes with a complete description of these stages, as well as a scientific drawing and description of each biface in the set, explaining convexities and edge angles.  An understanding of these stages is crucial to understanding how stone tools are made, and lead to a better understanding of the flake scars shown on all stone tools around the world.


Molded first in high grade silicone, and then cast in epoxy, every detail of the original is saved in a 3 dimensional copy ready for study.  The set is sold in the same black color of the original set, as the solid color best shows the flake scars for study purposes.

The Basic Stages/Lithic Casts

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