A cast of an authentic Thebes, from Clinton County, Ohio.   It measures 129mm, and was made in a Flin)t Ridge chert.     This type of tool dates to the Archaic Period in the Ohio and Illinois region, with a broad range of around 7,000 years ago.    Thebes tools were actually mostly used as knives, and they are found throughout the midwest, with several types now recognized.  This type is called the Cache variety, with the upward angled notches as one of the diagnostic hallmarks,  named after finds in Illinois. A main characteristic is sharpening by beveling instead of bifacially, and this examples shows that trait.   This example is a large and exquisite showing of the type, and it was sent to Occpaleo for molding and casting to serve as a teaching reference for archaeology, private collectors, and flintknappers looking for proper examples of types.  (ex Bill Jensen collection)(COA Stermer 2005)   Copyright Occpaleo 2021

Thebes Cache Variety Cast


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