This quiver was inspired by an Ojibwe original piece, using the same unique connection method when joining the edges securely.   Traditional methods of birch bark folding often involve heated water, which makes the bark curl in the opposite way it does on the tree, showing the tan to copper colored side on the outer face of the container, and the papery white outer layer to the inside.    This project was not a strict replica, but does keep to all natural materials.   The strap is made in plaited flax fiber, and the joining straps are genuine braintan buckskin.   The bottom is capped with a cut of Birch wood, and the length of the quiver is between 20 and 21 inches.   It is around 4 inches across the oval at the top, and is the stiffness of thick belt leather often used for quivers.   The only modern add-on is a thin layer of foam at bottom of the inside of quiver, to quiet the arrow rattle against the wood cut at bottom.

Traditional Birch Bark Quiver


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