Atlatls are the specialty of Occoquan Paleotechnics. 


We offer atlatl and spear(called darts) replicas from various cultural regions around the world, and from paleo to historic time periods. They are not only for teaching and study, but able to be held and used in the field.

Archaeology shows the atlatl to go back thousands of years, and to be the precursor to the bow and arrow in most parts of the world. 

The invention of the atlatl over 20,000 years ago, allowed people to launch projectiles much further and faster than the human arm.   Equipped with this more sophisticated weaponry system, humans could now consider hunting the megafauna of the Ice Age.


The first known examples are found in the caves in Europe.  In North America, they have a longer history than the bow.  In fact, most projectile points that are commonly called arrowheads are actually atlatl points.

Atlatl games.jpg

 This atlatl and dart set replicates the weaponry of the Aztec Empire. The original atlatl was sent by Cortes to Europe during the 1500's. The handle was fit with finger grips made of shell, and the spur end was guilded with gold. The dart is tipped with a modern knapped obsidian volcanic glass point, a favorite material in Mesoamerica.


Authentic material atlatl darts are made here with seasoned river cane shafts and fit with obsidian or flint points.   They are fletched with wild turkey feathers,  and wrapped with genuine deer sinew and natural hide glue.