Throwing Technology


The throwing stick, or non-returning boomerang has been in use for tens of thousands of years.  Cultures all over the world, including the Americas, Egypt, India and Australia, used this weapon to hunt game on the ground and birds in the air.


A simple stick  evolved to a weapon of  sophistication capable of sustained flight and surprising ballistic power.

The Mammoth Ivory Boomerang Project

Our first project in throwing technology here was replicating this famous archaeological find from 23,000 years ago, in what is now Poland.    The original was made in ivory, and is thought to be a throwing stick for hunting.  


Although called a boomerang, it would never have returned in  flight and was designed to go in a straight path toward target, with enough ballistic power to cripple even large game animals. Please check out our video here of the testing of our replicas.

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