Our Clients

Museums and Public Institutions:


Smithsonian Institution Museum of Natural History/ Paleoindian Archaeology Program/collections management, artifact casting(2019)

DeSoto National Memorial Park Service, Florida/Historical Weapons Recreation(2018)

San Diego Museum of Archaeology/Molding and Casting of Artifact-2018)

Ridgecrest BLM Park Service/Display of Native Regional Tools( 2018)

University of Colorado-Museum of Natural History/Stone tools casts and Artifact Replicas(2018)

Wisconson Historical Society/Atlatl replications (2018)

Maritime Museum-Newport News, VA / Polynesian War Club replica(2018)

University of Nevada, Reno/ Anthro Dept- stone tool casts(2018

Fort Lewis College/ atlatl spear replications(2018)

Academic Institutions

Anthropology Departments at universities and colleges, researching graduate and doctoral students, and even high schools across the country have used Occoquan Paleotechnics functional replicas for teaching aids, study collections and science experiments.  Clients include:

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley/Anthro Dept teaching collections. (2020)


Utah Valley University/ lithic casts for Archaeology Dept (2018)

Porterville College/stone tool casts for Anthro Dept.(2018)


Grand Valley State University/stone tool casts(2018)

Adelphi University, NY/  Prehistoric Tool collection for Anthropology Dept.(2018)

Georgia Southern University/Anthro Dept./stone tool casts (2018)

Film and Television Credits:


"Journey to 10,000 BC":  History Channel Documentary.  Provided atlatl and stone tool props.  Michael also makes an appearance in this special as the obsidian flintknapper.

“Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey” National Geographic

Odyssey Paleoindian Archaeology Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2013

Contributing writer for the Society of Primitive Technology

Proud member of the World Atlatl Association

Occoquan Paleotechnics has provided replicas for private collections all over the globe including Germany, France, Belgium, England, Japan, and Australia.