A great representative of the Archaic Florida/Georgia Stemmed Point Cluster, dating around 3 to 6,000 years ago.   The stemmed point types of the Florida Archaic time period fit into many sub types, and this one best fits into the Alachua group.   This type is found through Southwest Georgia, to Northern Florida, and into Alabama as well.   The type site for this group is the Johnson Lake site in Florida.   This example was found by a diver in Sumter County, Ga, and it measures 3 3/8th inches long, and 1 3/4th inches wide.   It was made in a wonderful translucent Coastal Plains chert.  These flints and cherts often patinate to white over the thousands of years, but this one kept its river stain polish over the thousands of years under water.  It was sent to Occpaleo for typing and molding/casting in 2016.  (ex. Allen Hyde collection)(cast copyright Occpaleo 2018)

Alachua Point Cast


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