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A functional replica of the Ancestral Pueblo bow, currently in the Favell Museum in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  The original was found in along the Gila River in southwest New Mexico, and dates to pre European contact at 1400AD.   This example was illustrated in Hamm/Allely's book Encylcopedia of Native American Bows and Arrows, and as an archaeology bow it is a very rare find, as most historical bows are collected from modern cultures. Wood and soft material artifacts are usually lost to the elements, but the super dry environment of the desert Southwest lead to the possibility of this find. This replica follows the original bow in Oak(a 3 inch diameter hand split tree stave)with the cambium layer under the bark making the pristine back of the bow, and then painted with natural pigment paints to match original artifact.  It measure 50 and 5/8th inches long, and 7/8th inches round cross section at the handle.  There is a small sinew wrap near handle, that might have been used for shooting hand, but it is not dead center. It tapers to near 1/4th inches nocks, and was tillered to a even "D" curvature with a low stringing.   By following wide and thickness measurements as close as possible,  we got the result of a bow pulling 40 lbs at 22 inches of draw.   A bow like this would have been perfect for hunting small game in the open desert environment.  The bow is ONLY tillered to be pulled back to 22 inches, as a short length bow built for the quick pull back to the chest shot.  It is not tillered for the modern style to be pulled back to the chinn in full draw.  Any pulling of draw past 22 inches could result in overstressing of the bow, as this bow was only tested at 22 inches of draw with the correct amount of stress for this limb thickness and diameter.  

  Although this is a replica for study and display/public talks, it was tested for use with several dozen shots and is a functional weapon that could still be dangerous.   Buyer is responsible for safe use.   The shots were taken with modern test arrow, and the arrow included is not for use, and only to show example of the archaeological arrows found with the bow.

Ancestral Pueblo/Anasazi Bow Replica

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