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Cast by Occpaleo in 2011, this is one of the finest examples known of the Andice point/knife from the Early Archaic in Texas(around 9,500 to 7,000 BP).  The Andice is likely related to the Calf Creek, as both are famously known for having the longest and most delicate notching.  There is debate about whether it was used as a knife or point, but there is evidence for both uses simultaneously.  The extra length aspect gives the biface more length of cutting edge, but also makes it very prone to breaking, which makes it very rare to have one found unbroken.  The Andice type is usually found around the area of central Texas, and the material used is identified as a novaculite, more rare than the usual Texas chert.  This one is 3 and 7/8th inches long, and has no damage.  It was found in Dewitt Co, Texas, and is ex. Willis Nelson collection (COA Anderson 2006).

Andice Point Cast

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