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Ashtabula Points are part of the Susquehanna Cluster of points from the Broad Point family of the area around Northern Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.    This example was found in Ashtabula Country Ohio, in the area the point was named after.   It measures 4 and 1/8ths inches long and 2 and 1/8th inches wide, and dates to the Late Archaic/Early Woodland Period(around 2 to 4 thousand years ago).   An excellent and large example of the type, the original was made in a tan/grey Flint Ridge material of fine quality.    The stem is moderately abraded and has a very wide and waisted area, lending it to a very heavy hafting system.  With the larger size and heavier mass, it is thought that Ashtabulas like this were used as knives and larger spear points instead of arrowhead and atlatl dart points.

Ashtabula Point Cast

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