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A set of 2 CASTS from the Aterian Culture of the Middle Paleolithic(around 90,000-60,000 years old), from the Saharan areas of North Africa.    These two point were molded and cast from the authentic originals, on loan from the Darrin Lowery collection in 2021.   These points were originally made in Saharan flint, and measure 59mm X 42mm, and the smaller of the two(2nd pictured point) measuring 50mm X 32mm.  The Aterian culture is very mysterious and confusing for archaeologists,  with the dates changing in regional areas.   Many of the Aterian tanged points are made from large blades from cores, including Levallois style core flakes,  without any clear connection to Mousterian culture.   The archaeological culture as a whole begins around 150,000 years ago, and disappears around 20,000 years ago.   These two points were found in the Dune Fields of Uan Kasa,  in the Libyan Sahara.  They were collected by C. McBurney 1953, and deaccessioned in 1960 from the Copenhagen Museum, National Museum of Denmark,  ex. H. Pageault Collection, Vienna,  ex Dr. Hermann Meyer Collection,  Prehistoric Europe Archives, Germany.  (cast copyright Occpaleo 2021)

Aterian Tanged Point Cast set(2)

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