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@Occoquan Paleotechnics 2018

This new model of dart style is now made in durable River Cane, a native bamboo type grass.   It is a perfect material for atlatl darts in terms of flex and weight.   The front ends are fit with hardwood or cane foreshafts and modern archery field points, for a total length between 6 and a half to 7 feet(adjusted to match a set of 3).   They are fletched with genuine wild turkey fleathers, and are a great match to any of the atlatl throwers sold here at Occpaleo.    The new cane shafts are more durable than the older model poplar shafts, but stumps and trees are still very hard on the tip sections.   These sets are  recommended for modern archery targets and hay bales or cardboard targets.

   Atlatl sets belong right next to archery as a backyard sport, and are also considered possibly dangerous and even deadly weapons.   Buyer is responsible for the safe use of this weapon.

Atlatl Darts in Cane(3)