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These 2 darts (each with two halves)on the Clearance Collection page were used in a public demostration, and have some small nicks from use.  They have been cleaned up and refletched for this sale. Our new take apart atlatl dart model is a response to our customers who have requested a functional and practical dart to use in testing our historical replicas.  Atlatl darts are usually very difficult to carry and travel with, as they are usually over 6 to 7 feet long.  This model is around 6 feet long(70 inches) when put together, and is made with Poplar wood.  The two sections are fit together in a brass sleeve, with one side permanantly glued.   It is helpful to know when pulling apart and putting together, which side is glued, and that can be seen easily with the line of black epoxy glue around one side.(see photo 3)  This dart is a departure from our usual theme of historically accurate equipment, but fills a need for modern testing of our equipment, and therefore making them more functional and convenient.  Point is modern archery field point  of  190 grains, and fletching is white turkey feathers

2 Atlatl Take-Down Darts/Modern Sport/CLEARANCE

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