This is a USED and restored quiver added for the Clearance Collection,  as we sell off older pieces of the collection, and fix up again for functional use.   The original quiver was collected over 20 years ago and had the inner bark degraded with holes and cracks for use in moisture over the years.   It was restored  with a  modern epoxy resin stabilization to the inside inner bark,  which has made it more solid than new.  We added  a new shoulder strap of 9 strands of wool cord, which has become our new favorite quiver strap.  It is waterproof and very comfortable around the shoulder.with braintan buckskin adjustable connections to fit the user.   The top rim was lined in  Braintan buckskin as well to quiet the arrow rattle of previous version. with sapling rim.  It measures 20 inches deep, and about 4 inches across on the oval shape.  The original here was inspired by a Chippewa quiver in the Smithsonian collections that was also done in a "curled Poplar" tube instead of the normal folded method.   Original was capped with leather and had a cut of canvas for shoulder strap.   Our version has a cut of leather for bottom cap as well.  Traditional arrows are NOT included in this sale.

Back Quiver in Poplar Bark/Used Clearance

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