This modern knapped knife replicates one of the tools of the ancestral Pueblo Basketmaker cultures of the American Southwest(around 1500 BCE to 750AD).   It was made here in a  chaldedony, and hafted in Cottonwood root.   It was inspired by an article by author David Holladay about a particular Basketmaker knife from Sand Dune Cave, AZ, in the Museum of Northern Arizona,  which had a thong through a hole drilled in the middle of the handle.   Replica testing showed this style of knife worked extremely well in skinning chores and that the unique thong attachment allowed the handle to be easily released and grabbed again during work.(see video above)  Another idea is that the root wood protected the more brittle knife blades, compared to hard antler.  It is possible that during more dramatic chores,   the brittle knife would break before hard antler.    A handle of softer Cottonwood root would break out before the brittle blade such as obsidian, and save the precious resource for more cutting.   The blades were made wide and short of length, which is also safer than long blades.    We have used this style of knife here for decades, and its a classic that stands the test of time for modern "abo" tool users as a functional.   Our replica here was used in testing for an upcoming video, and is now retired here for reference of an archaeological style type.   It measures about 6 inches long, and about 2 inches wide, and features a braintan buckskin thong in the manner of the original artifact that inspired it.

Basketmaker Knife Replica

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