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 The Basketmaker model of atlatl is the most classic of the Americas.  Throughout the North American southwest, this atlatl is shown in the rock art and in the archaeological record.  Many examples are found intact in dry caves, and our representative model here was inspired by the Basketmaker 2 period(around 2,000 years ago) artifact from Sand Dune Cave in Utah.  The original measured 23.5 inches long.  The grips were made in an intricate layered system of braintain buckskin and sinew and yucca fiber lashings.  The spur on this model is considered to be the easiest to load by most modern atlatl sportsmen, and many are using this style in competition today.  It is easy to hold right or left handed using both the traditional "split finger" grip.  Our model here is made in a Cherry branch and braintan buckskin and to the same measurements. The loops allow both left and right handed throwers.

Basketmaker Atlatl Replica/Sand Dune Cave model

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