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A cast of a bone awl from the Hayfield Archaeology site in Alaska. The original sent to Occpaleo for molding and casting in 2017, from the University of Alaska Museum in Fairbanks where it resides today..  The original bone awl comes from the Hayfield site / UA67-081 (MED-00005 (is the Alaska site number and UA67-081 is Alaska museum accession number. The closest village would be Telida, AK. The site was investigated in the 1950s by Charlene Craft LeFebre (1950 and 1956). The site is late prehistoric in age AD 1450-1630 and probably the precursor to modern-day Athabascan groups today.   The picture here shows the resulting cast, which can be functional today for real awl work, as well as serve as a study/reference piece for Alaskan history and art. (cast copyright Occpaleo 2017).

Bone Awl Cast

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