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This new cast captures the finest work of one of the most skilled and respected academic flint knappers in the world. Dr. Bruce Bradley,  Archaeology professor from University Of Exeter, has been a pioneer in stone tool technology since the early 1970's, and has been teaching and sharing that knowledge for more than 45 years. He has worked on some of the most well known PaleoAmerican sites, as well as archaeological sites world wide.  He now lectures about the stone tool archaeological record.


This Folsom Point replica was made between 1975-80, and was the result of early experiments concerning the fluting of Paleoindian points. Featured in the book The Agate Basin Site/ A Record of the Paleoindian Occupation of the Northwestern High Plains, by George Frison and Dennis Stanford, Bradley coauthored a chapter with Frison on replicating Folsom fluting based on archaeological evidence. In the Folsom level of the Agate Basin site,  there was an elk antler tine with a "T" shaped base, that was interpreted to possibly be a flintknapping pressure flaker. Various methods of fluting were experimented with until a simple stick and log lever was used to achieve flutes with replica of the antler tine. The resulting Folsom points from these experiments matched the fluting on original Folsoms. This cast represents some of the first Folsom replicas to replicate the technology in the modern era for academic lithic studies.


The point was made in Spanish Agate, from the Bighorn Mountains near Hyattsville, Wyoming. It measures 70 mms long and is 25mm at the widest point.   Dr. Bradley has graciously allowed this point to be molded and cast for a study of modern academic lithic studies, which now has a history of its own.   (cast copyright Occpaleo 2020)

Cast of Bruce Bradley Folsom Replica

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