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A new CAST of an archaeological example of a Hell Gap projectile point.  It was found at the Hell Gap type site(48GO305) by Smithsonian archaeologist Dr. Dennis Stanford, and sent to the Natural History Museum for molding and casting in 2012 by George Frison, before both of these legendary archaeologists passed.

  The Hell Gap Culture centered around the plains of Wyoming, and the site contained evidence of several Paleoindian cultures going all the way back to Clovis around 12000 years ago.  The Hell Gap Culture is usually given dates of 9 to 10,500 years ago, with these dates based upon the large amount of bison remains found at the associated site.  This example measures 63mm long, 26mm wide, and was made in a white flint.  It was found in 2 broken pieces, and put together for molding.

Cast of Hell Gap Point/Type site

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