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A modern replica of an authentic Choctaw tribe ethnographic example from the Peabody Museum. It was showcased and illustrated by Steve Allely and Jim Hamm in their book, Encyclopedia of Native American Bows and Arrows. To follow the original, this replica was made to 27.5 inches long, with a main shaft of our native north american River Cane, a favorite natural material of the Choctaw and surrounding cultures.  The fletching is wild Turkey wing, and lashed on with deer sinew and hide glue.  The painting/cresting follows the original, done in pigment paints to match. The tip is a  unique point used by the Choctaw, which is the antler projectile point.  The Whitetail deer antler tine was ground to the dimensions of the original. The arrow is unused, and can be used for display of native archery materials, or can be used for testing with wood bows and traditional equipment.  It is NOT designed for modern compound bows, and should not be shot on them.

Choctaw Arrow Replica

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