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The original stone set was knapped by Dr. Errett Callahan in 2011 after over 50 years of study of the stone tool record.  As a professional archaeologist studying the Clovis Culture archaeological record, he began to define what the reduction stages for these points were.  As one of the world's best knappers, Dr. Callahan tested these stages out for decades compared to the authentic originals.  This testing even included hafting replicas and throwing them into dead elephants to record breakage, penetration, and hafting techniques.  This lifelong study lead him to literally write the book on lithic technology.


Now with the teaching set cast by Occpaleo in 2011, this knowledge can be shown to students in 3 dimensional casts, retaining every detail of the original set.  The paperwork describing these stages describes them in intricate detail, and was used by interns and volunteers at the Smithsonian Institution as a teaching tool for the Thunderbird Clovis site.  The papers alone vastly increased the understanding of the Clovis production strategy, and now with this cast series the understanding of Clovis can reach new heights for the next generation.  All paperwork shown is included.  Series contain 6 casts, each an example of a consecutive stage.


The set was molded from the originals in high grade silicones, and then cast in a modern epoxy which is far superior to the plaster casts of the previous generation.

Clovis Stages Cast Set

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