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Our new addition in 2012 is this fantastic Crowfield point.  Molded and cast from the authentic original.(ex. Thomas Collection)  This example is one of the largest known at 4 inches long, and 1 and 11/16th wide.  It is also one of the most southernmost examples known, from Hardin County, KY.
The original was made in Hornstone, and is fluted big on both sides.  It has a slight resharpening to the tip, and some twist to it, which is not uncommon for Crowfields.  The type site for Crowfield is in Ontario, Canado, and this type is considered by Archaeologists to be the latest side of Clovis, at around 10,500 to 11,200 BP.
  Most of the known Crowfields in the States are from New York and Pennsylvania, and often made in Onondaga chert.  (COA Perino 98) (COA Morris 95) (COA Howard 2011).

Crowfield Clovis Point Cast

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