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  This fluted point base was loaned to Occpaleo for casting in 2011.  It is from the Rubis-Pearsall site(44SX360) in Virginia.   This site is only several miles away from the Cactus Hill(44SX202) site, which has shown several of the earliest dates in North America, including artifacts from a level that many believe is pre-clovis.  Based on earlier work done(McAvo)y, archaeologists including Michael Johnson used a soil sediment model to predict where artifacts at this level would be before excavations.   The point base was found at the predicted level of 35 inches below surface after the initial excavations and shows a unique example of fluting 3 times on each face,  very rare among Paleoindian fluted points.   The point base measures 38mm long.

Fluted Point Cast/Rubis-Pearsall Site

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