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This cast was molded from the authentic original in 2019. It comes from the Black Mountain Folsom Site (5HN55) in the San Juan Moutains of Colorado. The site was excavated by archaeologist Pegi Jodry (93,97), and the site dated to around 10,740 to 10,630 BP. Many Folsom diagnostic artifacts were found, and this small graver serves as a wonderful example of the Folsom tool kit. It measures 34mm X 21mm. The tip comes down to a 1mm point.


The Folsom Culture often hunted the ice age bison (bison antiquus),  and this camp site location offered a giant bedrock knoll that overlooked the North Creek confluence to the Rio Grande. One of the unique characteristics of this site is the high elevation of 10, 160 feet above sea level.  


This particular graver was made of Mosca chert, sourced to the quarry near Durango, Co. This graver is finely flaked unifacially, and intact. Gravers are much more delicate that larger perforators, and are used for more detailed chores, such as fine hide sewing and holes gouged or drilled (unhafted) into materials such as wood, bone, and antler.   (cast copyright Occpaleo 2020)

Folsom Graver Cast

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