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This is a LITHIC CAST of a MODERN made Folsom projectile point by artist and flintknapper Tony Soares. Only on rare occasions do we offer teaching examples of modern experimental work, aside from our archaeological examples. We felt this piece was very important to the study of modern flintknapping and stone tool experimentation, and Mr. Soares agreed for this fine example to be molded and cast, so that a study piece could be made available for reference collections of modern stone tool work. It was made in 2023 in a beautiful maroon Mookaite, a Jasper from Western Australia, and measures 2 and 7/8th inches long and 15/16th of an inch wide. It features a perfectly executed flute/channel flake on each face, which terminate together at 2 and 1/4th, and 2 and 3/16th (55 and 57mms), so that the tip can be pressure flaked into the classic Folsom tapering tip edge. This method was used by the original Folsom Culture of the Great Plains and Southwest around 10 to 12,000 years ago to create one of the finest point types known in the world. Folsom points are considered among the mosty highly technological points to manufacture, and only a handful of modern experimenters have been able to make accurate reproductions. This projectile point cast represents the finest of that work known today. (Cast Copyright Occpaleo 2023)

Folsom Replica/Lithic Cast by Tony Soares

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