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This new cast is of an authentic Hardaway from Butler County, Ohio.  It was sent to Occpaleo in 2012 for molding and casting in order to make a teaching collection for Eastern types.  It was made in Flint Ridge chert, and measures 2 and 1/16th inches long and is 1 and 1/16th inches wide.  Hardaway points are considered to be Early Archaic points relating to the Dalton Complex, dating to around 8 to 9,500 years ago in the American East.  They are found mostly in the Piedmont and Southern Appalachian areas.  Flaking is similar to Daltons, but the preforms are more triangular and are generally smaller.  The bases are ground like many paleo points, and they are often basally thinned as well, with occassional true flutes seen. (Stermer Western Typology COA 2011

Hardaway Point Cast

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