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A cast of an authentic Haskett point from Klamath County, Oregon. The original was made in obsidian and measures 5 and 5/16th inches long. This is one of the finest unbroken examples known.   The original was sent to Occpaleo in 2015 for molding and casting, to serve as a reference of a classic Haskett point.   This type of point dates to around 10,000 years ago, and is found in the Great Basin Region around southern Oregon to the area of Northern Nevada.   This example was found by Jeff Thomas on the Geinger Ranch at Agency Lake in Klamath County, OR.    The edges are slightly ground towards the base, showing the unique Haskett design of a base or hafting area, being longer than the sharpened tip section.    Hasketts have recently attracted more interested by archaeologists after research suggests that the famouse 9,000 year old skeleton of paleoAmerican Kennewick Man,  has a Haskett poin embedded in his bones instead of a Cascade point.   (COA STERMER 2012) CAST COPYRIGHT OCCPALEO 2015

Haskett Point Cast

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