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A new cast molded from a very rare original.  This example measures 4 and 7/8th inches, and was made in a tan Pinter chert.   This type was named for examples on the Haw River in North Carolina.   There is debate over the age of this type.  They have recently received some attention due to their similarities to other pre-Clovis types found in the region, as well as pressure fluted points found in Solutrean assemblages from Europe.   Most agree that this type is somehow near Clovis Culture(around 13,000 BP) on either side, being either pre or post Clovis with its basal thinning flakes on both sides of the point.  This piece has been resharpened, and also might have been made on a large blade from a large core.  It has a slight curve that would match to a large blade, with one possible facet of the original ventral face.   Haw River points were first described by Floyd Painter in Limestone Co, Alabama near Iron City.  (ex. Anthony Nelson, Richard Stevens collections)(COA Rodgers 2008)(cast copyright Occpaleo 2018)

Haw River Point Cast

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