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A cast of a classic Hopewell Culture point from Ohio.   It dates to around 2,500 to 1500 years ago in the Woodland Period of North America.   Measuring 3 and 3/8ths inches long in a tan Flint Ridge flint.   The Hopewell Culture, and its "sphere of influence" spread across the Eastern half of the North American Continent from the Atlantic to the Rockies, and from Canada down to Florida.  There was an amazing exchange of materials including shells, shark teeth, precious rocks including Obsidian, and countless other wood items that are lost to archaeology.   This cultural exchange also shows an influence in religious culture, with the spread of religious art shown in rock carvings and pottery.   The classic Hopewell Culture finds itself in Ohio, where large earthenworks are the hallmark of the amazing tradition.  This point was sent to Occpaleo in 2014 for molding and casting, from Ohio's finest private collection.   It is a wonderful example of the type of stone tool that was traded through the Hopewell Exchange.  It is undamaged, made very thin, and shows excellent workmanship.  (COA Stermer Western Typology 2013)(cast copyright Occpaleo 2018)

Hopewell Point Cast

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