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A new LITHIC CAST of a Kirk corner notched projectile point/knife, dating to the Early Archaic Period(around 8,000 to 9,500 years ago). It was found on professional archaeology surface survey of the Upper Roanoke River Drainage in Virginia. This fantastic example was made in a black flint, and is very wide and thin(5mm) for the type, which is a show of excellent craftsmanship. It measures 69mm long, and 40mm wide, with very sharp edge angles.  Kirk points are found in the Eastern Seaboard section of the United States, from the northern Great Lakes all the way south to the Gulf of Mexico. This is example has the best width/thickness ratio that we have ever seen for a Kirk point, and shows some resharpening at tip from use in history. (cast copyright Occpaleo 2024)

Kirk Point CAST

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