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This is a lithic casting of a modern knapped point by the legendary archaeologist and pioneering flintknapper Francois Bordes, professor of Archaeology at Science Faculty at Bordeaux, France. (Dec 30th, 1919-April 30th 1981) This point was made in the late 70's during the french archaeologist's visit to see american knapper and archaeologist Dr. Errett Callahan. It was generously loaned in 2023 by fellow Callahan teaching assistant Doug Meyer, to whom he gifted the point. When taking classes in flintknapping at Callahan's Cliffside workshops, Errett would always want the students to be aware of modern flintknapping history as well, and cover the pioneers of experimental archaeology, who brought us back to where we are now with modern knappers better able to understand stone tools.  Callahan had all knapping students watch a filmstrip of Bordes replicating paleolithic stone tools using only authentic materials, which was usually a antler billet while smoking a pipe.  This piece measures 3 and a half inches(88mm), and was made in a black basalt.  One third up the base, where most similar types are thinnest, there is a section that is as thin as 3mm thickness. In this author's experience of studying stone tools for over 30 years, it is the thinnest and best replica of a Solutrean style laurel leaf point that I am aware of, and a great reference example of modern experimental stone tool studies.  (Cast copyright Occpaleo 2023)

Lithic Cast of Francois Bordes Laurel Point/MODERN

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