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This new cast showcases one of the best examples known of a stemmed or tanged spear point of the Mayan Culture.  The industry for the production of this type of tool centered around the area of Belize, in the Late Preclassic to Classic Periods of the Maya in Mesoamerica, around 2,300 years ago to 1,000 years ago.    The tools are made from large core blades(macro blades) of flint, chert, or obsidian.   This one was made from a dark colored flint, and measures 7 and 3/8ths long, and 2 and 3/16th wide.   It is in perfect study condition for lithic specialists,  which means showing usewear but unbroken.    These large blades are often referred to as Mayan daggers, or large spear/lance points, as the similar smaller blades are often considered to be atlatl points.    This point was sent to Occpaleo for molding and casting in 2021, from the collection/care of archaeologists Ken Reid and Dan Stueber, so that it would now be available for the public to study. (cast copyright Occpaleo 2021)

Mayan Stemmed/Tanged Point Cast

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