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This atlatl is based on a study of Meso American atlatls from museums and the archaeological record.  It is a modern functional model inspired by authentic original artifacts, which were molded and cast by Occpaleo in 2011.  The original finger grips were made in Spondylus shell, and carved in the shape of a frog over 2,000 years ago in Colima, Mexico.  They are from the archaeological Shaft Tomb Complex in the area of Western Mexico, where many of these shell finger grips are found.  The carved frogs are believed to be the finest example of shell loops known, and for the first time these have been cast so that they could be tested for performance.  We were very excited to find that they work perfectly as modern finger grips.  This model is 18 inches long, and made in a Central American Bloodwood stave.

Mesoamerican Style Atlatl

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