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This unique Midland point is part of the Midland Complex/Site/41MD1, which holds a very important place in American archaeological history. In 1953, amatuer archaeologist Keith Glassock was exploring the vegetated sand dune draws of the Llano Estacado, south of Midland, TX. He discovered several artifacts on the property of Clarence Scharbauer, that included projectile points and the incomplete skull of a young woman. The site was brought to the attention of archaeologist Fred Wendorf, who conducted excavations from 1954-55, and the site was given attention by the archaeological community for being an early man site. The skull was dated to the Paleoindian period at the time, with some of the dating older than Folsom at 11,000 years ago. Although the dates are still debated, the sandy areas included projectile points that are associated with Folsoms in technology and stratigraphy.   It was first thought that these were "unfluted Folsoms" but with subsequent sites found they are now an established type of their own.   The unique quality of this particular point is that it appears to be made from the channel flake of a fluted point,  with all the classic attributes of such a flake, only sharpened into the Midland type range. The point measures 50mm in length and 22 mm width. (cast copyright Occpaleo 2022)

Midland Channel Flake Point Cast

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