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This CAST has just been added to Occpaleo after molding the authentic original, from the site of Olendon, Normandy. It represents a core for making long thin flint blades that have very functional cutting edges. During the time periods in Europe after around 12,000 years ago, the birth of agriculture saw use of new plant harvesting tools called sickles. Pieces of curved antler or wood could have flint blades inserted to create a new kind of tool with a very long effective cutting surface, allowing work on larger scale than a single small flint flake. This example measures 100mm (about 4 inches long) and was made in a french flint now patinated a greyish white. It serves as a wonderful example of the specialized blade tradition, with multiple platform rejuvinations for lithic analysts and collectors to study.   (cast copyright Occpaleo 2020)

Neolithic Blade Core Cast

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