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Originating in Scandinavia, the flint dagger spread throughout northern Europe between 4,300 to 3,500 years ago.  Most of these were made in a fine grey Senonian Flint.  During this time, the stone biface started to imitate the metal daggers that were spreading throughout the world.  The classic chronology shows about 6 types of dagger styles through time.  By the time of Type 4, the daggers were starting to copy the Bronze daggers of the time and showed some of the finest flintknapping that the world has ever seen.   Our example is considered a Type V dagger, with slight handle base and blade flaring to resemble Bronze age metal daggers of the time. It measures 17cm long and is 3.5 at the widest. On loan for casting at Occpaleo from the fastastic Jerry Sherman collection in 2014. 

Neolithic Danish Dagger Cast

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