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This rare example of an Adze was sent to Occpaleo for molding and casting in 2011, along with artifacts in association with excavations at Cactus Hill, VA.   This site has been in the news in recent years for the early dates including Paleoindian and possible earlier Pre-Clovis material.  Several miles from Cactus Hill stands the Rubis-Pearsall site, excavated by archaeologist Michael Johnson.   This adze was collected in the same undisturbed level as the fluted point(offered on this website, see for description) and jasper flake core from the site.   The tool was made in quartzite, and is unbroken, showing the slight usewear at the bit and hafting area.   The tool measures 70mm long, and 38mm wide.  (cast copyright Occpaleo 2018)

Paleoindian Adze Cast

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