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A cast of a Redstone Clovis projectile point from South Carolina.  The original was made in Allendale chert, and it measures 3 inches long.  This fine example was found in 2016 along a riverside in SC, and then taken to the University of South Carolina for examination and documentation before being sent to Occpaleo for molding and castinig.   Now it is available to the public for use as a study and reference  example of the type.  Redstones date to around 10 to 11,000 years ago in the Eastern states of North America, as a regional remnant of the classic Clovis Culture.  The wide base of this point is abraded, and this point was resharpened, indicating that it was hafted as a larger projectile point and/or knife.  (cast copyright Occpaleo 2016)

Redstone Clovis Cast

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