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This item has been set for the USED/Clearance section.  A functional replica of the 23,000 year old mammoth ivory boomerang found in Oblazowa Cave, Poland.   The original artifact belonged to the Pavlov Culture in paleolithic Europe.   It measured 70cm long(around 27.5 inches) and 6cm width.   The thickness was 1.5 cm.  Our replica follows these dimensions, but the thickness dimension might differ within mms due to each item being tuned individually as a functional thrower.   This stick is a good flying example, and has been tested in the fields.  The bottom side has a cross hatched handle section,  following the original.  It was one of the first clues to archaeologists that this was possibly a hand held thrown weapon and/or a ceremonial version of a real throwing weapon.

Incredibly, the original was made in mammoth ivory, which is much denser than wood.  We could certainly not use mammoth ivory, or even modern elephant ivory here for this replica.  In this case we found an impact resistant faux ivory that was also more dense than the average wood and performed well in our tests.  Please see our YoutTube video on the testing of this replica.   In the year following that video, we have fixed the upward right end of flight seen in video footage.   The model shown here in this sale flies about 60 yards straight with a good powerful spinning throw. 

Replica of the Oblazowa Cave Boomerang

  • Although this is replica, it can be taken out to the open fields for throwing, and should still be considered a potentially dangerous weapon.   All fields should be completely clear of people before test throwing.  


    Occpaleo is not responsible for any injury resulting from misuse of this product.

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