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Our Rock Sling, or Shepherds Sling,  has elements from archaeological and ethnographic examples from all over the world. The sling is one of the most universal weapons of human history. In prehistoric times it was used for hunting, and up to even recent historic times it was used around the world for warfare. Almost every area of the world has slings in their history, but specifically the cultures with desert or open enviironments. The sling was famously featured in the Clan of the Cave Bear books/movies and is even depicted as a Roman War weapon. It was easy to carry, and could inflict great damage without having to haul heavy equipment. Our model is 27 inches long, and made for the distances where you can actually aim at a target. The straps are made in braided plant fiber, and the pouch is made of 2 straps of leather. We have found this kind of pouch makes enough contact with the ammunition, without too much friction to hamper release. The two videos above show some of the basic throwing techniques. There are many more online, and we are working on a full video wth tips on aiming and distance. Rock ammo in not included in the sale.


The sling can be very dangerous, and even a potentially deadly weapon. The buyer is responsible for the safe use of this weapon, and it should never be used when people are in range.

Rock Sling

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